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Tisquantum is a British company dedicated to providing Artificial General Intelligence solutions to key business problems.

We can help improve value and efficiency for almost any organisation, giving your company a competitive edge.  Examples include: Automating consultancy tasks in Marketing and Finance; Providing enhanced, cheaper and quicker legal research,  and enabling a Robotic Process Engineering company and an On-line Networking company to better service their customers.

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Artificial Ramblings

What on earth is AGI?

Everyone has heard of Artificial Intelligence – but how many have heard of, or understand what Artificial General Intelligence is?In a single word, the difference is ‘understanding’. The computer you are reading this text on doesn’t understand what is written on the screen.; Your calculator doesn’t understand your accounts and AI systems do not understand …

What is an AI?

Fantastic question. Artificial Intelligence seems to be everywhere these-days; from systems that can turn on the lights in your lounge when you ask them, to applications helping diagnose illness, to systems that can book an appointment at the hairdressers for uncle Norman (let’s hope he isn’t bald). But AI isn’t a new concept, some of …


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