Archive Product: Aime Messaging

Aime Messaging was Tisquantum’s first ever product. It was based on a tiny (10Gb) AI core which ran on the Android mobile phone platform. That same AI core is still used in part to bootstrap higher level intelligence in the Aime framework today….

The AI revolution is here!  Be a part of it.

Do you want to be part of the future? Do you want your own Personal Assistant to help stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues? You want to take part in the AI revolution, but worry about the security of letting the cloud into your day to day life?

Aime is a new type of AI, one that lives purely on your mobile device. She respects your privacy, she doesn’t collect data for marketing, and she doesn’t need the internet. She learns about you, about how you message people, and she learns about the people who message you. Unlike most AIs you may have come across, she has emotional intelligence, and understands the relationships you have with other people. If someone asks how you are doing, and Aime responds that you are doing great, it’s because she thinks you are feeling well, and that you would be happy for the person asking to know that!

Aime Messaging was available for Android phones from the Google PlayStore for less than the price of a Barista coffee.

Be a part of the revolution.