Archive Product: Aime4B

Aime For Business was the second product released by Tisquantum. Its aim was to act as a simple SMS assistant whilst you were either in meetings or otherwise engaged. It was based on the same Android mobile based AI core as Aime Messaging.

Aime For Business iconAime For Business

Many of us use text messaging for business. The problem is text messaging offers no real support for this. There’s no ‘out of office’ for text, no holiday notification, not even a way to find out if the person has received or read your important message. Aime4B aims to fix this, simply and effectively putting  in place the support mechanisms you need.

Using Aime4B

You use Aime4B in conjunction with your usual SMS text messaging app. Your main interaction with Aime4B is through the Aime4B Widget. This is a 4×4 widget that sits on one of your home screens. If you are in a meeting and do not want to be disturbed, then click the ‘In meeting’ button. Similarly if you are out of the office. Note that you cannot be out of the office and in a meeting – the widget will help you choose. If someone messages you during this time, your normal messaging app will notify you as usual, but in addition the person contacting you will be sent a polite text indicating that you’re currently unable to respond, and will get back to them. This response will be visible in your normal messaging app.

What if you are going on holiday next month for two weeks? Simple, click the On holiday button, then click the settings button on the widget, set your holiday start and end dates, then click done.  Any messages during the holiday period you specified will generate a response telling the correspondent when you are due back from holiday. Then when you get back from holiday, at some point turn the holiday notification system off. Until next time…

One last thing…what if you are in a meeting/out of the office or on holiday but expecting a critical message – one you really need to respond to? Again, Aime4B can help- simply click the Settings button on the widget and select an answer delay period. Then if you have selected any of the reasons for automated response and someone has sent you a text, you have the selected number of minutes to decide whether you want to respond personally. If you send a response (using your usual text messaging app) during this time, the system will note that you have done so and will not respond for you.

Aime4B was available from Google Play Store